Academic Support

The University of Richmond and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies offer the following academic services to support degree-seeking students. A limited number of these services are available for non-degree seeking students.

  • Academic Skills

    Academic Skills Center

    The Academic Skills Center provides subject tutoring and academic coaching support to all students (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, etc.). Operating from a holistic vantage point, the Center incorporates life skills coaching and academic skills development via techniques that address academic performance, executive functioning, and personal growth (i.e., test preparation, critical reading, note-taking, critical thinking, information processing, concentration, time management, self-management, mindfulness and meditation, etc.). Visit the Academic Skills Center website for details.

  • Advising

    Advising and Program Planning

    An academic advisor will help you plan a program suited to your needs. You are urged to use this service since information about programs and University regulations is important to your academic success. To make an appointment with an advisor, call the School (804) 289-8133. Visit the Academic Advising page for advising assignments and additional information.

  • Bookstore


    The University Bookstore carries textbooks for all courses scheduled for a given term at the University. A comprehensive selection of reference books and general reading materials is also available. The store offers academically priced software, computer and office supplies, greeting cards, gifts, clothing and health and beauty aids. Services include UPS shipping and faxing. Visit the UR Bookstore online.

  • Speech

    Speech Center

    The Speech Center serves the University community in the pursuit of excellence in public expression. Designed to support undergraduates and graduates in courses emphasizing speech and oral presentations across the curriculum, the Speech Center welcomes students seeking assistance with extracurricular presentations as well. Individuals and groups are welcome to reserve appointments.

    For information, call (804) 289-8814, see the Speech Center website, or visit the Speech Center on the fourth floor of Weinstein Hall.

  • Writing

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center provides individual tutoring in writing for undergraduate and graduate students in any course or academic discipline. For information visit the Writing Center website. SPCS students may also receive help online from the Center’s Professional and Continuing Studies specialist.

    The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free University of Richmond service offered exclusively to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate SPCS students, and also to the University's faculty and staff. Papers of all types and disciplines can be sent via e-mail to a professional writing tutor for assistance at any hour of the day or night. Papers are returned by e-mail to your UR account in approximately 48 hours or less with feedback that's designed to help improve your writing. Learn more on the OWL page.