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Strategic Financial Management for Nonprofits

Stewarding Your Financial Resources

This two-day program focuses on financial leadership and its role in the long-term sustainability of nonprofits. We begin by building knowledge of your current framework and understanding your financial position. Then we examine the strategic aspects of financial leadership and how to create and communicate your financial vision.

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Program Outline

How to Look at Financial Data: Susan Rucker (4.0 hrs CPE)

  • Understanding Business Models 
  • The “Magic” in Managerial Accounting
  • The Basic Financial Statements
  • The Complexity of Fund Accounting
  • Understanding Trends and Key Performance Indicators
  • Developing and Using Internal Financial Reports
  • Linking Financial Reporting and Budgeting

Sustainability/Strategic: Randy Howard (2.0 hours CPE)

  • Decision making – Dashboards
  • Management Financial Reports – flexible formats
  • Financial Culture
  • Board Relations/Donor Relations – Guiding board through decisions
  • Forward Funding discussion / reserves
  • Signs of Financial Distress

Planned Activity: Randy Howard (.75 hrs CPE)

  • Creating a Matrix Map
  • Implications for decision making
  • Board relation

Organizational Financial Infrastruture: Gene Gregory (1.25 hrs. CPE)

  • Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention
  • Financial Function – Staff, Leadership and Other Resources
  • Financial Reporting – Internal Use and Understanding
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Organizational Risk

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