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CCPS logoLead I is a collaboration between the Center and the Chesterfield County Public Schools office of professional development. The goal of the program is to develop a solid foundation in leadership studies and to provide opportunities for teachers and staff members to begin to examine their own conceptions of and practices in leadership.

The three-day institute offers two essential learning objectives for Lead I participants: recognizing the various elements of leadership and the process of leadership and then developing a solid foundation upon which they can build a more meaningful understanding of leadership in an educational context.

If you are a Chesterfield County teacher and would like more information on Lead I please contact:

Autumn Nabors, Program Manager
Department of Professional Development
Thomas R. Fulghum Center
4003 Cogbill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23234
(804) 279-7307 office | (804) 279-7401 fax

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