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JOI 2017 Format

This summer international- and national-level artists, scholars, and arts integration specialists will direct participants through a guided discovery of using the arts and creativity throughout the academic curriculum and why it is essential to learning.

Non-credit Course Up to 90 VDOE recertification points

To better align with the VDOE no longer requiring a college-credit course for recertification, we created this non-credit option. Participants receive the same great workshops, instructional support, and interdisciplinary unit plan design training and resources, but do not submit their unit plan for graduate credit. All participants receive a 45-hour certificate of completion and CEUs are available based on contact hours to meet any reimbursement requirements your school system may have. Click the Outcomes tab to learn about acquiring up to 45 additional recertification points.

Graduate Course (3 credits = 90 recertification points)

All participants (noncredit and graduate) will work through interactive and hands-on sessions to contextualize curricular content through the arts, and attend presentations from educational pyschologists and creativity and innovation specialists.

The course consists of a full week of required contact hours with a variety of differentiated learning and discussion techniques being used to model reaching ALL students where and how they are. 

Each day will include workshops that guide participants through the process of:

  • Accessing the creative tools and skills we all have
  • Creatively framing your curricular content
  • Researching and collecting artifacts through observation using a variety of senses and art forms
  • Building learning communities built on trust that engage and empower students

By the end of the week participants will embrace being outside of their comfort zones, using basic technology, and seeing/hearing/feeling the world in exciting new ways.

Each day will last from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Educators work hard and deserve the best.

At JOI we demonstrate how much we value teachers through excellent workshops and collaborative learning time, but also by providing continental breakfast, snacks, and lunch in our amazing dining hall, every day. All food needs and requirements are accommodated so you can focus on getting the most out of your time at JOI.

Partners in the Arts
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