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At SPCS, we enrich the lives and careers of more than 10,000 individuals each year through our degree programs, personal enrichment classes, and professional development programs.

On any given day at SPCS, you might find a math teacher exploring the use of arts in the classroom. A 19-year-old sophomore might be pairing up with a 39-year-old sophomore on a class project. An Army serviceperson might be logging on to a class from his duty station in Iraq.

A teenager may be learning to cook. Her brother may be learning to play golf. And their mom may be learning about the Civil War.

A high school junior could be discovering her love of Richmond for the first time. Or a college junior could be discovering her love of a foreign culture as she studies abroad. On any given day at SPCS, you will definitely find learners of all ages exploring new educational opportunities.

What do you want to do at SPCS?

I'd like to:

Finish my degree.

SPCS is full of students just like you. Life often interrupts college plans, and most of our students are finishing a degree they started some time before. They’re also juggling their studies with their jobs and family commitments. Check out the degree programs we offer to see if we have a program that's right for you. Not sure which degree program to pursue? Schedule a pre-admission advising appointment by calling (804) 289-8133 to discuss your options.

Earn a master's degree.

Earning a master’s degree can take your career in a whole new direction. It's also a great way to gain skills and knowledge for career switches. We offer a variety of graduate degrees. See if there’s one that’s right for you.

Ease back into school.

If you haven’t been in the classroom for a while, returning to school can be a little overwhelming. We have some great options for you to explore. Ease back into things by taking a personal enrichment or professional development noncredit class. Noncredit classes provide a less competitive environment with no grades and may help you gain confidence.

You can also take undergraduate classes for credit as a non degree-seeking student. Take as many as 12 semester hours without committing to a degree program.

Become more familiar with SPCS and our programs by attending an upcoming Information Session. Meet our faculty and student advisors, hear from current students, learn about admissions and financial aid.

Prepare to switch careers.

We have several options for individuals looking for new careers depending on field of interest, time commitment and resources. Many of our undergraduate and graduate degrees are career-focused, providing a credential for career switchers.

For those not interested in pursuing a degree program, we offer a number of credit and noncredit certificates. Our certificate programs support a number of career fields including teaching, paralegalism, information systems, nonprofit fundraising and marketing and human resources.

Get ready to re-enter the workforce.

Re-entering the job force after a break in your career can be a little overwhelming. If you need to brush up on your skills, we offer noncredit classes in a variety of professional development topics.

If you need more in-depth classes, consider taking a course for credit as a non-degree seeking student or pursuing a certificate program. Courses for credit include topics such as speech and communication, leadership, human resources, and software applications.

Improve my job skills.

Brushing up or expanding your job skills may help you be more competitive in a tough job market or even earn a promotion. You’ll definitely increase your value to your employer. Check out the variety of noncredit classes we offer or consider taking a course for credit as a non degree-seeking student.

Take classes for fun.

Enrich your life with a wide assortment of classes that are interesting, affordable and fun. Pursue a new interest. Explore your love of learning. Discover a new passion. Relive history. Experience the arts. Get in shape. Get your finances in shape. With more than 400 Think Again noncredit classes each semester, we have one just for you... and your entire family.

Want to take a credit class just for fun? Enroll as a non degree-seeking student.

If you’re 50 or older, check out the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, a membership based organization that offers a combination of short courses and credit classes for audit.

Explore career-related professional development.

Do you need to meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain a professional certification or credential? We offer an extensive series of professional development classes for educators (classroom teacher and administrators) each semester.

We also offer classes for IT professionals, paralegals and HR professionals to keep current in new trends, hot topics and developing technologies.

Depending on your career field and continuing education requirements, you may find a professional development class or course for credit that meets your needs.

Earn college credit while I'm in high school.

Each summer, high school students have the opportunity to pursue college-level study at University of Richmond. Rising high school juniors and seniors may also enroll in select Summer School classes through Bank Your College Credit.

I know what I like, but I'm not really sure what I need.

That's okay. Choosing to continue your education can be an overwhelming experience, especially with all that SPCS has to offer. Set up an appointment with a student advisor by calling (804) 289-8133 to discuss your interests and goals.

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