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Deans of the School

The School’s leadership consists of the dean, the senior associate dean, the associate dean for strategic planning and summer programs, and the associate dean for administration.

They collaborate to develop and implement the School’s strategic direction and daily operations with input and insight from University, student, alumni, community, faculty, staff, and administrative constituencies.

Areas of Responsibility

Schoolwide oversight, University relations, external relations, alumni relations, donor relations, community relations

Senior Associate Dean
Faculty governance, adjunct faculty, curriculum development, marketing and communications, Institute on Philanthropy, Partners in the Arts

Associate Dean for Strategic Planning & Summer Programs
Summer School, Summer abroad, noncredit programs, strategic planning

Associate Dean for Administration
Human resources, administrative and technical services, fiscal planning, student services, enrollment management

Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs
Associate Professor, Continuing Studies
School Liason, AFAC
Associate Dean, Strategic Planning and Summer Programs
Associate Professor, Continuing Studies
Climate change
Associate Dean, Administration
Assistant Professor, Information Systems
Assistant Professor, Management
Dean, School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Professor, Continuing Studies

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