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May 15–June 22, 2017

Argentina: Exciting Culture, Amazing Landscape, Human Rights

The University of Richmond’s Summer Program in Argentina offers a unique opportunity to experience and learn about Latin America, while progressing in the study of Spanish. Our program also offers an amazing opportunity to study human rights issues and organizations such as “Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.”

The entire program is designed to provide students with an informed sense of the past, and continuing opportunities to experience the vitality of contemporary life in Argentina, its politics, arts, economy, and its plentiful nature. This ambitious objective is carried out through varied activities that are combined with specially designed academic work including human rights education.

In seeking to learn more about the spirit of this culture, classes are complemented with activities such as an asado (traditional barbecue), a mateada (traditional beverage) and tango lessons; excursions to visit nearby towns; an exploration of Buenos Aires, the great metropolis; an adventure in the Argentine Northwest with peñas (folkloric singing and dancing gatherings), Indian ruins, organic farms, and museum visits, etc. Students are also paired with a tutor, a college student from Blas Pascal University, to orient students and visit sites of interest in the city of Córdoba.

Classes are held at Blas Pascal University. These classes are restricted to students in the program.

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Students may earn up to 2 units. Courses to be offered depend on enrollment numbers:

  • LAIS 221 Intensive Intermediate Spanish, 2 units
  • LAIS 305 Spanish in Politics, Society and Human Rights, 1
  • LAIS 309 Spanish Writing Workshop, 1
  • LAIS 397 Latin American Short Story, 1
  • LAIS 497 Independent Study (includes CBL component), 1

Successful completion of Intermediate Spanish (200 level) or equivalent is required to take 300-level courses.

What's Included
  • Up to two units tuition
  • Air transportation from Buenos Aires to Córdoba and from Córdoba to Buenos Aires
  • Lodging plus breakfast, lunch and dinner in Argentine households (4 weeks in Córdoba City)
  • Five nights lodging plus breakfast, lunch and dinner in Buenos Aires (6 days visit)
  • One-day excursion to towns in Córdoba province
  • Ground/Air transportation to and from the different cities
  • Five nights lodging plus meals in the Northwest
  • On-site supervision by program director
Activities & Excursions
  • Six-day visit to Buenos Aires
  • One-day excursion to towns in Córdoba province including Alta Gracia and Villa General Belgrano (includes visits to a Jesuit estate and the Che Guevara museum)
  • Visits to memorial sites such as “La Perla” and human rights organization “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo”
  • Six-day visit to the picturesque Northwest including Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy
  • Visit to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires
  • Visit to a Human Rights Court hearing in Córdoba

The LALIS Department offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships. Non-University of Richmond students may inquire at their respective schools for similar aid.

Application, Timeline & Fees

Application & Deposit: $300 nonrefundable deposit with application

  • Application Deadline: Extended to February 24!
  • 1st Payment: March 17
  • Final Payment: April 17

Cost: $6,600 (not including round-trip airfare to/from Buenos Aires)

Acceptance Notice: March 1

A limited number of spaces are available, but applications will be accepted until program is filled. All students are required to be interviewed by the program director before being accepted into the program. Submit payments in the Student Accounts office (payable to University of Richmond, designated Argentina Study Abroad).

Scholarship: UR students are eligible to apply for the Holt Summer Study Abroad Scholarship. Selected recipients will receive approximately $2,000 toward the cost of an approved UR Summer Study Abroad program.

Associate Professor of Latin American and Film Studies
Twentieth/Twenty-First Centuries Latin American Literature and Film
Humanities Research with Digital Technology
Documentary film
Community film
Postcolonial/Decolonial theories
Required Forms
Current UR Students

All current University of Richmond students may apply online using Gateway Abroad, the same online application system used for semester- and year-long study abroad programs.

Follow this link to begin your online application:

UR students will not need to complete the PDF application forms that appear below.

Non-UR Students

Students who are not enrolled at the University of Richmond can apply for UR Summer Study Abroad programs if they meet program eligibility requirements.

The following application forms should be completed by non-UR students. All forms are required. Submit packet to Summer School office, or as directed. Must include parent/guardian signatures if under age 18. Include deposit payable to University of Richmond.

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