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College Students

Summer School is open to all Richmond undergraduate students in the School of Arts & Sciences, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, Robins School of Business and the School of Professional & Continuing Studies as well as graduate SPCS students. If you’re working on a degree at another college or university, you’re also welcome to enroll in Summer School. You can earn undergraduate or graduate credit at UR to transfer toward your degree, for much less than you might think.

Adults and Professionals

Summer School classes are a great way to enhance your resume and gain specialized knowledge in your career. Summer School courses are also a great way to strengthen an application to a graduate program or meet licensure or certification renewal requirements. Because Summer School has an open enrollment policy, there are no tests or assessments are required for admission.

Classroom Teachers and Administrators

Classroom teachers and administrators can choose from a variety of professional development coursework and teacher education institutes, all of which are designed to help educators meet licensure renewal requirements. Educators may also choose to start an M.Ed. program in Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the summer.

High School Students

Alongside college and adult students, select rising high school seniors can earn college credit in Richmond courses and explore subjects not available at your high school. You’ll study with distinguished faculty, use state-of-the-art labs, and have access to other campus resources.

Join us for summer at Richmond!

Summer is a busy time on the University of Richmond campus. In addition to the University’s Conferences and Summer Camps, Spider Sports Camps and Think Again classes, Summer Studies includes several other programs. SPCS hosts University of Richmond Summer School and manages Summer Study Abroad, Summer Internships Abroad and summer programs for educators.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re already a University of Richmond student. Most summer programs are open to college students from other universities as well as including adult students, high school students and working professionals, including school teachers and administrators.

Plus check out special summer programs like our unique Domestic Study opportunities and Summer Reading Development classes.

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Average Undergrad Registrations in Summer School

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Summer School Terms

Term Dates
6-Week I May 9-Jun 18
12 Week May 9-Jul 30
5-Week I*  May 16-Jun 18
8 Week May 16-Jul 8
5-Week II** Jun 20-Jul 23
6-Week II Jun 20-Jul 30

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*Also called ‘May term’
**Also called ‘June term’

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