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Tips for UR Faculty & Staff Registration

The latest Think Again schedule of noncredit classes is always available online. Visit the schedule page for registration start dates and to review course offerings.

We’ve developed several tips to help ensure a smooth registration process for all UR faculty and staff.

Tip 1: Use the online schedule to plan classes

We recommend that you use the online schedule to plan your classes. You can view or search classes by category or subcategory.

  • Be selective about the classes you choose.
  • Be aware of the age appropriateness, class schedule and possible conflicts with other classes and commitments.
  • After you complete a registration, UR Tuition Remission (TR) benefits will be refunded or transferred only if the request is received at least 7 business days before the course start date. TR benefits cannot be substituted.
Tip 2: Register early and be aware of our cancellation policy

We encourage all Think Again students, including UR faculty and staff, to register online. Classes fill quickly, and online registration is the quickest way to register. We do accept paper registrations; they are processed in the order in which they are received, and processing begins at the official start of registration.

  • Visit the main Think Again page for the start date and time for registration.  
  • Only register for classes that you plan to take or have your children attend.

Again, class cancellation or transfer requests must be received in writing at least 7 business days before the start of the class. There is no exception to this policy, so plan and register thoughtfully to ensure you don’t needlessly lose any Tuition Remission benefits for you or your dependents.

Tip 3: Be aware of your tuition remission benefits

Remember, if you work full time (2015‐2080 hours per year), you, your spouse or same-sex domestic partner and each of your dependents receive full tuition remission for five classes per calendar year.

  • If you register online, you can apply your tuition remission through the checkout process by answering a series of questions.
  • If you use a paper registration, you’ll also need to provide a paper copy of the tuition remission form.

An easy rule of thumb to remember: One course number is equal to one tuition remission benefit for eligible programs. Many third party provider programs, including Institute on Reading Development, aren’t eligible for tuition remission benefits, but do provide discounts to UR faculty and staff.

If you need to make a change to your registration, a withdrawal or transfer, please do so in writing at least 7 business days before the start of the class using our convenient online form. Failure to do so may result in the loss of a tuition remission benefit.

Calculating Calendar Year Benefits

Faculty and staff tuition remission benefits are assigned to a calendar year based on the start date of the class. Please keep the following in mind when registering for classes in the next calendar year:

  • Unused tuition remission benefits do not roll over from year to year. Unused benefits are forfeit at the end of the calendar year.
  • When registering for classes in the late fall, pay careful attention to the start date of the class.
    • If a class starts on or before December 31 of the current year, tuition remission benefits from the current year, not the upcoming year, will be used. If you have used all of your benefits for the current year, you will be required to pay the standard fee to take the class.
    • If a class starts on or after January 1 of the upcoming year, tuition remission benefits from the upcoming year, not the current year, will be used.
  • Even if you are allowed to register online using tuition remission benefits, if you have exhausted the year’s benefits, you will be expected to pay the standard fee for the class.
Tip 4: Call us with questions

With hundreds of classes each term, there are lots of options. Let us know how we can help get you and your family registered.

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