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In addition to our degree-earning certificates in information systems and information security, we offer professional development certificates in Information Systems and Security.

Network, information and systems security is an ever-evolving topic. Our professional development programs, taught by select faculty from our degree programs in information systems, provide just-in-time specialized knowledge in manageable four-week modules to help you stay abreast of the latest trends and practices in a constantly changing industry.

IT Security Essentials

This program is designed to develop the core knowledge and functional competencies required to work in the cutting-edge and rapidly evolving fields of information and IT security.

Courses in this series will be of interest to those just starting their career; career changers seeking to achieve advancement; managers and end users requiring a more in-depth understanding of information security and data protection; and seasoned practitioners seeking to round out their knowledge and attain a credential to demonstrate in-depth understanding of security principles. 

Individual classes earn CEUs, and completing all three classes in the series earns a University of Richmond certificate in IT Security Essentials.

Ethical Hacking

This professional certificate introduces and teaches ethical (white hat) hacking or penetration (pen) testing. Pen testers are contracted to test customer systems by hacking into them and present test results to the customer.

Courses in this certificate program will be of interest to IT professionals, to those seeking to improve their network and security skills toward entry-level employment, to managers seeking to better understand system vulnerability, and to end users seeking to learn the legal and ethical constraints of ethical hacking.

The certificate consists of three Ethical Hacking modules: Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Introduction to Ethical Hacking Tools, and Introduction to the Metasploit Framework. All three modules are included in your registration.

Completing the program earns a Certificate in Ethical Hacking from the University of Richmond.


This course is a hands-on journey into the practical uses of geographical information systems (GIS) software, applications, and data. The class will be project-based, focusing upon a series of projects that increase familiarity with using software tools and address current business or organizational problems that benefit from analysis employing geographical or geospatial perspectives.

Courses in this certificate will be of interest to those seeking to integrate GIS applications into other fields or using GIS data to aid decision makers.

Completing the program earns a University of Richmond certificate in GIS.

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Information Systems & Security
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