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Our professional and career classes are designed for people seeking to supplement or recharge their careers. With topics ranging from refining interpersonal skills and strengthening group dynamics to expanding software skills or learning and perfecting a new trade, these courses will provide students with the know-how needed for a new direction.

We also offer professional certificates in a variety of career-related fields.

Individual classes are open to anyone interested in career development. The time commitment varies by course, but each one awards continuing education units. Refer to the course description during registration for more information on the content and duration of each course.

  • Career Training — Includes home inspection training, dispute resolution, supply management and HR management programs
  • Communication Skills — Includes written and spoken communication along with nonverbal communication in professional contexts
  • Customer Service — Focuses on maintaining highest levels of customer service throughout an organization, not only at the front desk
  • Financial Planning — Includes the Dalton Certified Financial Planner™ preparation courses along with courses focused on personal finance
  • Information Systems & Security — Focuses on information security and systems-based topics, including networks and cloud computing
  • Organizing — Provides courses that will help you organize your professional activities and work environment 
  • Supervision and Management — Focuses on addressing the needs of supervisors and managers across multiple sectors

We also offer training for HR professional through the SHRM Learning System and our HR Management degrees.

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