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Certificate in Information Security

As IT security needs evolve, continuing education is essential for current and new IT professionals to enhance their skills in protecting networks, systems and architecture.

Our Certificate in Applied Studies (CAS) in Information Security prepares IT professionals for these challenges. The certificate provides a credential for students changing careers, professional development for seasoned IT professionals or the prerequisites for graduate study in information security. Check out careers available for information security professionals.

Note: This program is not eligible for federal financial aid.

Certificate in Information Security

Certificate in Information Security

An earned bachelor's degree is prerequisite to enrollment in this certificate program.


Minimum 12 semester hours from the following. Only sections of ISYS 398U with a security focus will count toward the certificate.

ISYS 302U Local Area Networks (LAN)
ISYS 303U IT Security
ISYS 355U Computer Programming in Java
ISYS 398U Selected Topics
ISYS 402U Advanced Networking Topics
ISYS 491U IT Security Planning & Risk Management

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