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The Institute on Philanthropy realizes that good management is vital to a nonprofit’s sustainability. Sustainability is built on three important tenants:

  • being financially sound;
  • having strong leadership; and
  • making measurable impact on mission.

We support nonprofit professionals in growing their capacity of skills and knowledge in order to create sustainable nonprofits.

IOP seeks to assist prospective and current nonprofit leaders to create and support sustainable nonprofits throughout Central Virginia and beyond. Our Nonprofit Management programs include the Nonprofit Leadership Lab and the new Nonprofit Financial Management program.

Nonprofit Financial Management

Our new Nonprofit Financial Management program concentrates on the strategic nature of finance. Participants will learn how to plan more purposefully for the financial security and sustainability of your nonprofit organization.

IOP Nonprofit Leadership Lab

The annual IOP Nonprofit Leadership Lab provides nonprofit CEOs and senior management opportunities to work with a small group of like-minded nonprofit leaders, to grow in knowledge of their strengths, and to approach organizational challenges in a group setting. The goal of the Leadership Lab is to grow strong leadership skills.

Schedule & Registration

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Financial Management for Nonprofits
Course Offerings (1)
Thursday, November 9, 2017; 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Instructors: Randy Howard Katie Gilstrap Scott Warren Susan Rucker
Fee: $350
If eligible for UR Tuition Remission, the Tuition Remission benefit will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.
This new one-day program focuses on financial leadership and its role in the long-term sustainability of nonprofits. We begin by building knowledge of your current framework and understanding your financial position. Then we examine the strategic aspects of financial leadership and how to create and communicate your financial vision. Topics covered include decision making, matrix map analysis, human capital, internal controls, assessment of financial health, and effectively communicating your financial position using infographics.

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